Terms and conditions for licensing from InspiredTrax.com

Inspired Trax license Royalty Free music for use in all projects including monetised social media.

Our music is not registered with YouTube Content I.D. or similar services.

Any videos/projects containing music from our site must not be registered with YouTube Content I.D. so as to avoid conflict of copyright issues.


Purchasing a license constitutes agreement to the following conditions :

Upon paying the relevant fee you can use the track(s) forever, anywhere in the world.

You can use the track for any legal purpose, including monetised social media.

You can alter / edit the track to suit your needs except you CANNOT use the vocals from a track in isolation from the backing track (you must not use any software to separate the vocals from the rest of the song and use the vocals by themselves)

Any remix /edit of the track is not your copyright property.

You are Licensing this track on a non-exclusive basis (tracks will be licensed to multiple consumers)

You Cannot claim any track licensed from Inspired Trax to be your own work or property.

You cannot register our music with YouTube content I.D.

 This agreement is a license of music, not an agreement of sale of the musics ownership.

You cannot sell, convey, assign or otherwise transfer any tracks licensed to you by Inspired Trax .

Inspired Trax and/or the contributors will retain all other rights including copyright.

Our license allows our tracks to be used as background instore music for one particular business address.

If you want to play our music in multiple locations, please contact us.

You will take all reasonable care to prevent third party access to our content.

Neither Inspired Trax, nor their contributors, can be held responsible or liable for any losses, including financial, by any temporary or permanent copyright / content claim on any social media chanels or other media.

Inspired Trax expressly disclaims any warranty for any track licensed, tracks are sold "as is" without any implied warranty.

The Licensee will indemnify the licensor against any claims , liabilities, damages and all reasonable expenses, including legal fees incurred by the licensor that arise due to a result of a breach of this agreement by the licensee.


Inspired Trax have not entered any of the tracks featured on this website into YouTube content ID or similar schemes.

In the unlikely event you encounter a copyright claim  / content ID claim go to the copyright claim section in the restrictions column and click on "see details". 

A window should pop up and you will need to click on "Actions/Select Actions"/"Dispute" 

There should be a box that refers to "My dispute not being based on the reasons shown above but I would still like to dispute the content ID claim".....click (check) this box. 

Click continue. 

Select "License: I have permission or license to use the content claimed in my video" 

Click continue. 

There should now be a box that states "I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner" 

You need to  tick(check) this box and click continue. 

You should then see "Please include the license information below" 

Input "I purchased a piece of music from www.InspiredTrax.com" and have the neccesary license for it." 

Include the purchase date and track title. 

Then follow the remaining instructions and submit your claim. 

Please note these circumstances are out of our control and Inspired Trax cannot be held responsible for any delays or losses, including financial losses due to a YouTube content ID / copyright claim , temporary or permanent or any similar issues on social media sites.